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Use Of 'Subrogation' Increases As Medical Costs Rise

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday examined how, "as the cost of covering workers continues to escalate, employers and health plans are getting more aggressive" in efforts to recover medical expenses from accident victims who collect damages in civil injury lawsuits. According to the Journal, employers and health insurers maintain that the practice, called "subrogation," is necessary to ensure that "medical expenses aren't paid twice" and that, by "recovering those costs from someone who's been compensated elsewhere, ...

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Gold Label Standard Announced For Virgin Coconut Oil Antioxidant Levels

Tropical Traditions's main coconut oil product has new quality standards in place to set it apart from other coconut oils they sell. With a completely redesigned label, their Virgin Coconut Oil product is now called "Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil," containing the highest amounts of antioxidants.

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