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Advertisements For Medical Devices, Implants Should Carry Warnings Of Dangerous Side Effects

Consumers Union has filed a petition with the FDA requesting it require all advertisements for implantable devices carry a warning about the possibility of dangerous infections or failures of the devices once they are in the body.

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PARI Hydrate Receives FDA Clearance

PARI Hydrate received 510(k) clearance FDA and will be marketed by PARI Innovative Manufacturers for ventilator applications. PARI Innovative Manufacturers, a leading manufacturer of aerosol nebulizers and compressors, developed the PARI Hydrate to revolutionize the way gases are heated and humidified with the aim to reduce contamination risk for patients and give clinicians greater control and understanding of humidification.

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Z-shaped incision enhances minimally invasive surgery

A novel surgical technique allowing doctors to operate on patients by making a Z-shaped incision inside the stomach could potentially replace certain types of conventional surgery in humans, according to Penn State medical researchers who have successfully demonstrated the procedure in pigs.

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Researchers Discover Virus Using Same Tools As Host Cell

Researchers have discovered that the virus which causes Kaposi's Sarcoma encodes a molecule for controlling gene regulation nearly identical to one found normally in human cells. Both versions of the molecule, known as a microRNA, appear to play a role in the development of cancer.

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