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Software To Compile Transcripts Of Physician-Patient Interactions

Verilogue software analyzes real-time patient-physician interactions from digital recordings submitted electronically by physicians, compiles transcripts and places the recordings and transcripts in a database, which clients in the health care industry can use for research purposes.

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Evolution Of The Sexes

Fungi don't exactly come in boy and girl varieties, but they do have sex differences. In fact, a new finding from Duke University Medical Center shows that some of the earliest evolved forms of fungus contain clues to how the sexes evolved in higher animals, including that distant cousin of fungus, the human.

A team lead by Joseph Heitman, M.D. has isolated sex-determining genes from one of the oldest known types of fungi, Phycomyces blakesleeanus, findings which appear in the Jan. 10 issue of Nature.

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