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Northwestern Memorial Successfully Completes Rare Kidney Exchange Transplant

Transplant surgeons at Northwestern Memorial Hospital successfully completed a rare procedure known as a four-way domino paired kidney exchange involving a total of eight patients. The surgery is among the nation's largest paired exchanges and involved four kidney donors and four recipients who underwent simultaneous transplant surgery. The donors were two women and two men, as were the recipients. All are recovering well following surgery, which involved a total of 32 clinicians--six of them surgeons--working between four operating rooms and took more than 10 hours to complete.

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BladderScan Eliminates Unnecessary Catheterizations, Decrease Urinary Tract Infections

Verathon is expanding their BladderScan bladder volume instrument product line and confirming their commitment to provide innovative and practical infection control solutions to acute care facilities.

Urinary catheter-related UTIs are estimated to total over 561,000 per year and account for over 40% of all nosocomial infections. According to a recent national study in the American Journal of Medicine, these UTIs, the most common hospital-acquired infection, cost the health care system between $424 million to $451 million annually.

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Immune System Taught To Play Nice With Unrecognized Protein

Vaccines are a staple of modern health care. Though each one is complex, the idea behind them is simple: immunity is achieved through exposure to a weak or fragmented bug. The bug rouses the immune system, which, in turn, defeats the invader and fortifies itself in preparation for a later, more vigorous assault.

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