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eHealth Initiative Releases Guides For Rapid Expansion Of Electronic Prescribing

A new report indicates more than 35 million prescription transactions were sent electronically in 2007, a 170 percent increase over the previous year. The report, "Electronic Prescribing: Becoming Mainstream Practice," offers a detailed examination of the progress made, obstacles that remain, and recommendations for helping the nation's prescribers migrate from paper-based prescriptions to an electronic system.

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Hip, Knee Replacement Patients Not Receiving Blood Clot Treatment

Hip and knee replacement surgery patients - who are often elderly - are at increased risk of developing potentially life-threatening thrombosis, or blood clots. Nevertheless, according to a study by Dr. Elham Rahme of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) and McGill University, most patients in Quebec do not receive the recommended treatment to prevent a thrombosis.

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Tune-Deaf People May Hear Sour Note Unconsciously

People with tune deafness aren't able to tell when a musician accidentally strikes the wrong note in a song, but their brains know the difference. Researchers from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), part of the National Institutes of Health, have found that people with tune deafness, an auditory processing disorder in which a person with normal hearing has trouble distinguishing notes in a melody, are able to detect a wrong note unconsciously.

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Non-Safety-Related Voluntary Recall Of DAYTRANA Patches Announced

Shire Limited announced a voluntary recall of two lots of the ADHD patch DAYTRANA (lots 2750211 and 2764111). Shire is taking this action because some DAYTRANA patches do not meet their release liner removal specification, and as a result, patients and caregivers could have difficulties removing the liners. This voluntary recall is not due to safety issues.

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Enhanced Protein Tomography Method For Rapid Epitope Determination

Sidec has introduced a new version of its Protein Tomography technology. The new developments drastically improve the analysis of therapeutic antibodies and drug targets in biological systems.

Protein Tomography uses regularization theory to create a 3D image from a series of 2D electron microscope images. The enhanced Protein Tomography method is developed in order to improve the investigation of the structure and interactions of macromolecules in solution and in cell tissue samples.

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