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Researchers To Assess Cultural Appropriateness Of Care Minorities Receive

"Assessments for Measuring Patient-Centered Cultural Sensitivity in Community-Based Primary Care Clinics," Journal of the National Medical Association:Researchers developed and evaluated three forms to assess the cultural sensitivity of services that community-based primary care centers provided to Hispanics, blacks and whites. The research involved two phases.

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Minnesota To Require Electronic Submission Of All Health Transactions

Minnesota is now the first state in the nation to require all health care payers and providers to submit claims and eligibility transactions electronically using a common format starting in 2009.

The new requirements, signed into law by Governor Tim Pawlenty as part of the 2007 Omnibus Health and Human Services funding bill, apply to all health care providers and affects virtually anyone who bills for or buys health care services on behalf of a group of people.

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