The Boston Public Health Commission Launches New Podcast Series

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The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) has launched a new podcast series called Health Click. The series will feature brief audio recordings about important health topics facing the city of Boston and will feature experts from both inside and outside the Commission.

"I think this is a great idea," said Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino. "This technology is new and growing in popularity and will help provide Bostonians with useful health information in a different way. I'm pleased that the Public Health Commission is doing this," the Mayor added. Last year, the City of Boston launched its own podcast series called Citycast, which has been used to convey information about programs and services offered by the City.


While Health Click is a new initiative, the Commission has produced podcasts in the past -- most notably during a measles outbreak in the city last summer. More recently the technology was used to share prevention information about Norovirus. The podcasts produced during the measles outbreak earned the Commission national recognition from the National Public Health Information Coalition, which in October awarded a Gold Medal for Excellence to the Commission for its innovative use of technology to communicate with the public.

"We want these podcasts to be helpful and informative for people," said John Auerbach, Executive Director for the BPHC. "We also want to use it as a way to educate people about the many health resources that are available here at the Commission," Mr. Auerbach added. The first episode of Health Click, which runs approximately 5 minutes, is an introduction to public health and the podcast series. Future shows will deal with subjects such as pandemic influenza, health care reform, substance abuse and other public health topics. In order to expand the number of people served by the podcast, the show will be produced in both English and Spanish.

For those new to podcasting, the Commission has provided information on how to listen and download each episode. Although podcasts can be loaded onto portable music player, an Apple iPod is not necessary to listen to Health Click; in fact most people listen to podcasts on their computers either through speakers or headphones.


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