The Health Care Workforce in Europe. Learning from Experience

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A trained and motivated workforce, with appropriate skills, a commitment to life-long learning and receiving adequate rewards is an essential pre-requisite for high-performing health systems. Yet, for many countries the challenge of getting this right too often proves elusive.


How do you ensure the right skill-mix, so that the appropriate staff are in the right places to meet the needs of populations with changing health needs? How do you cope with unprecedented levels of international mobility of health professionals, when minor changes in working conditions in another country can make the difference between surplus and scarcity? How do you ensure that the rewards are commensurate with the contributions that staff are making, especially when there are many other employment opportunities open to them?

There are no easy answers, but in this book we have brought together the experiences of a range of countries that are all struggling with these issues. We hope that they will provide lessons for others facing similar challenges.

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