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Air Quality Experts Launch New E-Report

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Air Quality Management experts from the University of the West of England are helping local authorities with local air quality management consultation with the publication of a new e-report entitled, 'Steps to Better Practice: Guidance on Local Air Quality Management Consultations for Local Authorities'. The e-report will be launched on 25 January 2007 at the UWE / NSCA South West division annual conference at Bristol Zoo.

This practically oriented publication offers suggestions on how to maximise the benefits of consultations with a variety of different stakeholder groups. It highlights the importance of upstream engagement with stakeholders ranging from transport planners to local community groups.

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Developed from the results of a two year ESRC funded research project, the guidance provides examples of best practice in the field of consultation. The project was carried out as a partnership between the Air Quality Management Resource Centre and the Science Communication Unit at the University of the West of England and the Department of Geography at the University of Hull.

Professor Jim Longhurst, the principal investigator of the research project said, "Steps to Better Practice is an important resource for local authorities, providing guidance on how to integrate consultation within the LAQM process. It offers advice on how to make the most of limited resources in the continuing fight to improve air quality."

Dinah Woolley, South Gloucestershire Council said:
"This guidance document offers practical advice which is easy to implement. Highlighting challenges and opportunities at each of the stages of the process will help local authorities make the most of air quality consultations."