Health Unit Plans PCB Blood Testing Project

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The Middlesex-London Health Unit has submitted a funding proposal to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to undertake a large-scale blood testing survey. This is in response to local resident concerns about past exposure to PCBs as a result of working at the former Westinghouse/ABB plant, or through recreational use of Pottersburg Creek.

"The survey will enable us to test past employees and their families, as well as those residents who had significant exposure to the creek", says Dr. Graham Pollett, Medical Officer of Health.

Further information regarding the blood testing survey will be announced once the outcome of the funding application is known.


The Health Unit is also forming a Community Liaison Committee to assist with the project. The Committee will be made up of people who currently live in the area of Pottersburg Creek, Walker Drain or the former Westinghouse/ABB plant, former Westinghouse/ABB employees, and family members of former employees.

"The Committee will help keep the lines of communication open and ensure that we are responding to local concerns appropriately," says Dr. Pollett. "It will also connect us to people who may have had some exposure, so that we can ensure the project is comprehensive and complete."

Advertisements will be placed in local media outlets beginning this weekend, and interested residents will have until September 5th to apply for committee membership.

In the meantime, the Health Unit continues to work closely with the Ministry of the Environment, and the City of London regarding the decommissioning of the Pottersburg PCB storage site.


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