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What Irritates Doctors

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Yes, the practice of medicine is a joy. But your doctor does get irritated at times. We know what irritates patients...waiting too long, being put on hold, doctors rushing you out the door. Do you ever wonder what yanks your doctors chain? I'm willing to bet these are universal:

* Calling for a drug refill on weekends or nights and not knowing the pharmacy phone number. "Oh it's the pharmacy I always use". Let me tell you...I don't want to search information for your pharmacy number. Be prepared. Better yet, call during office hours.

* When we call you to report your test results it is usually at the end of a long day. It's not the time for you to bring up brand new health issues. We want you to have your results but those phone calls are keeping us from getting home. Please just say thanks. We dread those calls because what should take a minute can drag on and on.

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* Please don't call and cancel your appointment at the same time you are supposed to be there. Would your hairdresser stand for that?

* I want to concentrate on you when you have an appointment. Please don't ask medical questions about your friend, relative, acquaintance. That is not a good use of our time and it is irritating as hell.

* Please don't call me to get the test results that another doctor ordered. It is time consuming to pull your chart, call you back and try to interpret tests that someone else thought was necessary. We hate it when you say "Oh, Dr. Jones is so busy...I couldn't get through to him so I called you." Guess what, I'm busy too and now I'm irritated and busy.

* Please don't ask for handicapped placards if you aren't really handicapped. The same goes for jury duty excuses. I serve on jury duty and so do my employees. Enough said.

We docs love our patients. That is why we do it. We get our irritations from your insurance company, Medicare and the price of gas. We promise to try not to annoy you too.