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Opinion On How To Fund Medicare

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Medicare Funding

The Federal Government is reducing the amount paid to Doctors for treating Medicare patients by 10.6% as of last Monday, and there is a scheduled 5% reduction scheduled for 2009.

Because this is becoming a financial burden many private practice doctors are unwilling to absorb, many are opting out of the Medicare program. In Texas it is a real problem. There are only about 38% of general practice physicians now participating in the Medicare program. In 1990 there were at least 90% of the Texas physicians participating in the program. This bodes poorly for many senior citizens and those about to become eligible for medicare.

Were the 10.6 percent cut and an additional 5 percent cut scheduled for January 2009 to go through, Texas doctors, and in most other states, would lose approximately 18,000 dollars treating the elderly and disabled over the next 18 months.
Congress is mired in partisan bickering about how to pay for the additional funding both parties agree is necessary, already missed a June 30 deadline to prevent the 10.6 percent cut.

The Senate voted last week not to take up legislation passed by the House,that would have dipped into a Medicare pool of money that currently goes to private, fee-for-service insurers and use it for the traditional Medicare program. President Bush had vowed to veto that bill.

Still, Congress is expected to reach a quick compromise next week - partly because neither party wants to alienate millions of seniors voting in November. Texas Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison say they're hopeful about the prospects of a bipartisan resolution.

However, the resolution is widely seen as another Band-Aid, not the fundamental reform that doctors say is needed so battles don't keep coming up annually. Physicians say the problem is a statutory formula that leaves less money to go around as more people use the program. Left intact, they say, the formula would reduce reimbursements by 40 percent over the next nine years. Among those who agree with doctors is Cornyn.

Instead of reforming the system, Cornyn said Tuesday in a letter to his Senate colleagues, Congress has made "a never-ending series of patchwork fixes that were inefficient and costly and caused undue hardship on everyone involved." Real consideration of the legislation is not expected to come until a new Congress takes over in January.

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I have an idea where the Congress can discover some of the money needed to keep funding the medicare program at it's present level. Congress spends the following amounts of your tax dollars supporting America's own genocide, abortion! In 2003, Planned Parenthood Federation of America extinguished the lives of 244,628 unborn babies - making the organization more deadly than leukemia, brain cancer, skin cancer, diabetes, car accidents, Alzheimer’s disease, and HIV/AIDS combined.

Even the United Nations statement on World Birth Control , says nothing about funding as you can see from this: "All couples and individuals have the right to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children and to have access to the information and means to do so."

Cancer kills a little over five hundred thousand lives a year, but abortion is the number one killer in the USA. Over 1.5million baby's are aborted each year.To this the Saintly Mother Theresa had this to say: "America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe v. Wade has deformed a great nation. The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts--a child--as a competitor, an intrusion, and an inconvenience". --Mother Theresa -- 2.25.94

How much of Planned Parenthood's activities are paid for by us as taxpayers? In its 2003-2004 annual report, Planned Parenthood announced that it had received more than $265 million in government grants and contracts for just that one year. This is nothing new. In the seven years from 1997 to 2003, Planned Parenthood received more than $1.49 billion from American taxpayers. Tragically, in its annual reports, the organization also admits that it has performed 1,398,574 abortions during that time period alone.

But America’s unsuspecting taxpayers have not only financed the abortion industry giant’s disturbing agenda, we have helped Planned Parenthood to accumulate profits of more than $350 million in just those seven years.

2003-2004 ... $ 35.2 million in tax money
2002-2003 ... $ 36.6 million in tax money
2001-2002 ... $ 12.2 million in tax money
2000-2001 ... $ 38.9 million in tax money
1999-2000 .. $ 59.5 million in tax money
1998-1999 ... $125.8 million in tax money
1997-1998 ... $ 42.1 million in tax money

If all these millions were not given to the abortion industry the government would have the money to keep the covenant they made to US senior citizens when they passed the medicare Bill.

The "right to choose" does not guarantee the right to have the Federal Government(aka: the taxpayers) pay for the abortion! The choice was made when the woman got pregnant, and the bill is hers to pay, if her conscience or lack of, allows her to kill the baby growing in the place that should be the most safe place in the world, a mother's womb.

The time has come for all senior citizens to start a movement to defund Planned Parenthood and the international programs that fund abortions. The money would be more well spent saving lives, than killing them!



OK, I know, it's a life not a thing. However to use that argument here is like comparing apples and oranges. If you look at the annual expenditure of Medicare for all of 2004 ($207 Billion) versus the $32.2 million that is 0.017%. Get real!! I don't like my tax dollars going for that either but if you want to make a realistic argument about fixing Medicare think and investigate a little before you type words that will convince others that this a valid way to fix Medicare. If you really want to fix Medicare think about some of the reasons that we are in this fix now. First is Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage plans. You know Humana, Blue Cross and all the other commercial insurers sticking their thumb in the pie and pulling a big plumb out of ole GB's rear end. Do you know that they are paid 125% of what physicians and hospitals are paid to administer their plans? That sound like a savings plan straight out of someone's twisted greedy mind. Thanks George. How about the fact that corporate greed (translate - shareholder greed) has caused companies to no longer supply coverage in their retirement packages so instead of the pension plans investing in commercial insurance guess who gets to cover the bill... why all of America. And guess what the pension plans are doing with their savings???? They are investing them in OIL futures (speculative investments that fluctuate based on rumor and innuendo such as an oil tanker has run aground or a fire broke out at a refinery). I could go on for hours on this subject. Sorry Back to my point... If you want to fix Medicare do a little investigating. It's all out there as public information. We have to get off of our collective behinds and do a little work to make our politicians know that their PAC money won't save them next election if they don't decide to fix things the right way that will not just transfer the problem to our children.