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Teenage Girl Has Four Fully Functioning Kidneys

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Laura Moon,18 year old, found out to have four fully functioning kidneys.

A teenage girl from Whinmoor was suffering stomach pain after she got in a car accident. She was advised by her GP to have ultrasound scan check. The doctor was amazed with what he saw - the girl had four kidneys. Later Moon's aunt was found to have one extra kidney.

Dr Webber of Fife Acute Hospitals said: "It is a relatively rare condition. Ordinarily they are left alone unless the patient is suffering any problems. But Laura will be able to manage perfectly well with two so assuming they are working correctly there is no reason why she shouldn't donate them."

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One in 125 people have one or more extra kidneys, but only one in million people have so called 'dublex kidney'. These extra organs are fully functioning, this is why Moon's case is very rare. She has two pairs of kidneys on both sided of 14cm and 9cm.

Since all kidneys are fully functioning, Moon can donor two of them. When she heard about three year old boy Luke Heppenstall who is living thanks to dialysis, because he had his both kidneys cut because of cancer, she definitely decided to donor.

Moon said: "I'm not exactly sure how donations work but I know that I have four kidneys and would like to help somebody like Luke if possible."

Doctors are now scanning her kidneys to find out if they can be used as transplants. However, if Moon be allowed to donor, she will not be allowed to choose the receipt.