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Methylamphetamine: New Deadly Drug In UK

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UK reclassified methylamphetamine as Class A drug. It was widespread in US and Australia in 1990s, now it is getting very popular in UK, especially London. It is estimated that meth will be as popular as cocaine within four years.

Methylamphetamine is a type of amphetamine. It is a mixture of cold remedies and drain-cleaning fluid. All ingredients are easy to get, and the cost of drug is lower than other's. This is why UK officials have decided to sell cold remedies in small packs only. Bigger pack production is planned to be suspended at all.

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Methylamphetamine has several names: crystal meth, Tina, tweak, speed, ice, Nazi crank, yabba. The drug is crystallised and is for both smoke and injection. It has about 35 million users worldwide that is five times as many as heroin. 73000 of the users are deeply addicted. It keeps drug users high longer that any other drug does. It's much more addictive than the other drugs, and only a small percentage of its users acan actually recover.

Use of this deadly drug may pose numerous diseases, such as depression, paranoia, brain damage, heart attacks, kidney damage, internal bleeding.

Dr Rebecca McKetin from National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre in Australia said: "People are thinking, 'Oh, it's OK to go out and smoke it with my friends on a Friday night when I go to the club'. But it kind of creeps up on them and quite a lot of them are starting to experience problems. I think people are starting to learn that this is not typical of a recreational kind of drug. It is actually very addictive and potentially very dangerous."