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UK: Climate Change May Kill Thousands

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Climate changes affect public health and thousands may die by 2012 in UK.

The report was published by Department of Health shows numerous health threats that may be caused by global warming. Climate is changing rapidly because of gas emissions. This is why the owners of most polluting cars are required to pay 25 pounds a day to drive into London's centre, to prevent carbon emissions.

Among health concerns researchers mention:

Heatwaves: Researchers expect dangerous heatwaves by 2017 reaching 27C. The heatwaves may last 9 days killing about 3000 UK residents. About 3500 people also may die during summer time. High temperatures may also make mosquito control difficult causing mosquito borne illnesses such as Lyme, West Nile Virus.

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Flooding: Global warming will also cause flooding because of abnormal rainfalls,

Water Quality: Water quality will also suffer from high temperatures and increasing bacteria.

Food Poisoning: Food poisoning, such as salmonella, are expected to rise by 14000 by 2017, causing hospitalizations and even deaths.

Skin Cancer: Because of high radiation exposure, researchers expect higher rates of skin cancer.

This research comes to remind health officials and general public that more efforts need to be done to prevent climate change.