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Comparing Health Of Asians With Other Racial, Ethnic Groups

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"HealthCharacteristics of the Asian Adult Population: United States,2004-2006", CDC:The report looks at data from the 2004-2006 National Health InterviewSurveys to compare how non-Hispanic Asian subgroups fare with otherracial and ethnic groups on various health indicators. According tothe report, Asians were the least likely group to be current smokers,be obese, have hypertension, delay or not obtain health servicesbecause of cost, be tested for HIV or be in fair or poor health.

Inaddition, the report notes that among Asians, Vietnamese adults werethe most likely to be poor, be in fair or poor health and not usealcohol. Japanese adults were most likely to be current moderate orheavy drinkers, while Filipino adults were the most likely to beobese. Korean adults were the most likely Asian subgroup to beuninsured, be a current smoker or lack a usual place for healthservices (Barnes et al., "Health Characteristics of the AsianAdult Population: United States, 2004-2006," 1/22).

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