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Software To Compile Transcripts Of Physician-Patient Interactions

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The Philadelphia Inquirer on Monday examined softwaredeveloped by Verilogue, a startup technology company in Pennsylvania, thatanalyzes real-time patient-physician interactions from digital recordingssubmitted electronically by physicians, compiles transcripts and places therecordings and transcripts in a database, which clients in the health careindustry can use for research purposes. Physicians who participate obtainconsent before they digitally record their interactions with patients, and therecordings and transcripts remain confidential and anonymous -- with names,ages and any identifying information removed to meet standards required by theHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act medical privacy rule.

According to the Inquirer, the database allows pharmaceutical andbiotechnology companies to "hear firsthand" from patients and"get a glimpse of the patient's state of mind, progression ofdisease," and their opinions about medical products and services. Verilogueofficials said that the database has attracted an increased number ofpharmaceutical and biotech companies and that the company plans to make theinformation available to the broader health care industry, as well as patientsand physicians who participate.

Verilogue President and CEO Jeff Kozloff said, "The idea is, by increasingaccess to information where it's truly happening, at the point of practice, youare increasing knowledge and will be able to come up with better support andcommunication materials for physicians and patients because they shared theirexperience" (Loyd, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/14).