States Struggled To Enact Health Care Reform In 2007

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Health Care Reform


"A year that began with great ambition for major expansionsof health insurance" in California and other states, ended "withconsiderable uncertainty, as a second wave of change runs headlonginto a darkening economy and political divisions over how toapportion the cost," the NewYork Times reports. California, Illinois and Pennsylvaniaeach proposed wide-ranging health care proposals, but none"finish[ed] 2007 with bills passed and signed," accordingto the Times. The Times reports that theproposals "confronted entrenched opposition from insurance andother business lobbies that made it far more difficult to build aconsensus for change" in these large states than in the smallerNew England states that have been successful with reform.

Forexample, in California, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger andDemocratic state Assembly Speaker Fabian N

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