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Research Shows Health Benefits Of GameBike

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A Canadian research team led by Dr. Darren E.R. Warburton of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver has determined that there are significant changes in positive health outcomes when participants use the GameBike instead of a standard exercise bicycle. This research offers some of the most compelling empirical data to date on the positive health and fitness effects of the GameBike.

Citing the scientific consensus that "40-65% of individuals who initiate a traditional physical fitness program withdraw within 3-6 months" the researchers postulated that encouraging physical fitness at a young age might substantially promote lifelong physical activity behavior and, in turn "markedly improve health status."

The primary objective of this investigation was to determine whether an interactive video game played during stationary cycling results in significantly greater improvements in multiple risk factors for chronic disease -- aerobic fitness, body composition, blood pressure and musculature fitness. The team also sought to evaluate whether or not interactive video game exercise would lead to different exercise attendance rates than those of traditional cycle exercise.

Highlights of the results include the following findings:

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-- There was a significant difference in the attendance of the interactive video game and traditional training group. The group using GameBike was 30% more likely to train.

-- There was a significant positive change in aerobic fitness of GameBike participants.

-- There was a significant improvement in the maximal power output in the GameBike group

-- There was a significant change in the vertical jump and leg power in the interactive video training group.

-- The magnitude of the change in systolic blood pressure was significantly greater after the interactive video training in comparison with traditional training.

-- The individuals assigned to the traditional cycling training program participated in less than 50% of the recommended exercise classes. Individuals in the GameBike group participated in approximately 80% of the recommended classes.