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Program Provides Health Assistance To People Of Mexican Descent

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The Tucson Citizen on Tuesday examined Ventanilla de Salud,or Window of Health, which aims to improve the health of people ofMexican descent who are living in the U.S. The program is sponsored inpart by the Mexican government and operates in several states, offeringinitiatives to help prevent diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Italso helps Hispanics obtain medical care, both in the U.S. and inMexico.

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The El Rio Community Center,through its El Rio Foundation, co-sponsors the program in Tucson,Ariz., providing funding of $30,000 annually. The Mexican Consulate inTucson also provides about $30,000 annually for the local program, anddonors, such as Pfizer, also provide financial support to the program.

InTucson, the program reaches about 1,500 people through its programs, ElRio's eligibility offices and the Mexican Consulate. The programencourages Hispanics to receive health services at the El Rio CommunityHealth Center. Hispanics are eligible for services, such as maternitycare, dental care, diagnostic tests and prescription drugs, based on asliding fee scale, regardless of citizenship or legal residency.

JillRodriquez, development coordinator at El Rio, said, "This is not aboutgiving away medical care to people. It's about understanding howmedical care works and being humane in how people access medical care"(Kornman, Tucson Citizen, 12/4).

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