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Visage Imaging, Medicsight To Provide Thin Client-Based CT Colonography Solution

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CT Colonography Solution

Visage Imaging, and Medicsight jointly develop of an advanced CT colonography solution which will be fully integrated with the Visage Thin Client/Server platform.

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"We look forward to supporting Visage Imaging in delivering this unique integrated solution to hospitals and imaging centers. The easy deployment and enhanced accessibility of the Visage solution results in a powerful package that brings CT colonography to its true potential," said David Sumner, Chief Executive Officer at Medicsight.

Visage Imaging's leading-edge PACS and advanced visualization solutions are capable of displaying and processing the ever-increasing amounts of 2D, 3D, and 4D data efficiently on standard computers connected through LAN, WAN, or the Internet. The planned CT colonography (CTC) application will be fully integrated into this platform, providing server-based performance and consistent data access across the entire healthcare enterprise. In this way, radiologists and clinicians can make most efficient use of the power of CTC combined with Medicsight CAD, in both second and concurrent reading paradigms; as well as for distributing, documenting, and sharing the diagnostic results. The CTC application becomes an integral part of the PACS infrastructure and workflow, thereby removing the need for costly, dedicated CTC workstations.

"This partnership reflects our commitment to providing advanced clinical applications that become available directly within the PACS workflow, and throughout the enterprise," said Marcelo Lima, President of Visage Imaging. "Visage enables our customers to make more efficient use of their PACS, advanced visualization, and clinical applications such as CT angiography, cardiac CT, and CT colonography. The benefits of an integrated, thin client- based solution start with an optimized workflow inside the radiology department, and go all the way to enabling remote reading services and an enhanced service offering to their referral base."