November Elections To Contain Ballot Measures Addressing Health Care

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Ballot measures in dozens of states "offer a preview of what issuescould surface ... when political interest groups will use suchinitiatives to attract voters in the presidential and congressionalraces," USA Today reports.


According to USA Today,both liberals and conservatives "are trying to find ballot measuresthat will increase turnout among like-minded voters in the 2008election." Liberals are likely to advocate for ballot measures onhealth care and unfair loan practices, while conservatives are likelyto push for measures involving abortion and immigration, according toKristina Wilfore, executive director of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center.

Votersin several states on Nov. 6 will consider ballot issues related tohealth care, including a proposal in Oregon to increase the cigarettetax by 85 cents per pack to pay for children's health care. Washingtonstate residents will consider a proposal that would allow individualsto sue insurers for "unreasonably" denying medical claims. In Texas,voters will consider a measure to borrow $3 billion over 10 years tofund cancer research. In addition, New Jersey voters will considerborrowing $450 million for stem cell research (Cauchon, USA Today, 10/22).

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