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Clinton, Thompson Discuss Health Care

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Summaries of two recent developments in presidential campaigns related to health care appear below.

  • Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton(D-N.Y.): Clinton on Sunday at the East Las Vegas Community Center helda discussion that focused on health care and invited audience membersto discuss their problems with the U.S. health care system, the Las Vegas Sunreports. Clinton said, "People are standing up across Nevada and acrossAmerica and saying, 'Enough.' It is time to have quality and affordablehealth care for all Americans." According to Clinton, health carereform will require a coalition of medical professionals and advocatesfor middle-class residents to demand change in the health insurance andpharmaceutical industries. During the event, Clinton brought on stagetwo women -- one of whom has multiple sclerosis and one who is a breastcancer survivor -- who discussed their problems with the health caresystem (Coolican, Las Vegas Sun, 10/22). Clinton said that her health care proposalwould help address the problems. She said, "Everybody has a story.Everybody is concerned about the future," adding, "This is going tohave to be approached as a shared responsibility." Health care is "areal problem, and it's a problem we need to have an election about,"Clinton said (Ball, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/22).
  • Former Sen. Fred Thompson(R-Tenn.): Thompson on Monday at the Port of Tampa, in reference to aquestion about the Terry Schiavo case, said that neither the federalnor state governments should interfere in decisions on end-of-life carefor patients, the St. Petersburg Times reports (Frank, St. Petersburg Times,10/23). Thompson said, "I had to face a situation with that in my ownpersonal life with my own daughter," Elizabeth Thompson Panici, whodied of an accidental drug overdose in 2002 at age 38 after she spentsix days on life support in the hospital. "I will assure you one thing,no matter which decision you make, you will never know whether or notyou made exactly the right decision," he said, adding, "It should bedecided by families. The federal government and the state government,too -- except for the court system -- ought to stay out of it, as faras I'm concerned" (Quaid, AP/Miami Herald, 10/22).

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