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Webinar For Long Term And Health Care Demonstrates Competitive Differentiation

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In light of care cost increases and declining funding, Purchasing Solutions has created a webinar for long term and health care organizations. States Mike Cronk, CEO of Purchasing Solutions, "One of the leading concerns of health and long term care executives is how to reduce cost without impacting the quality of care and service. This webinar addresses this issue and provides solutions to create competitive differentiation."

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The webinar, Aligning Food Procurement and Operations with Organization Strategy, tackles the issue of price-driven procurement head-on, to demonstrate there is residual impact from decisions that are focused on cost savings rather than value. "Most organizations assume that because they see a reduction in the cost of materials, supplies, etc., there will be a correlation to increased profitability. In many cases what happens is a reduction in material cost results in higher operational costs associated with decreased productivity, declining operational effectiveness, quality and so forth," adds Don Zak, President and COO of Purchasing Solutions.

Purchasing Solutions, who will be attending the AAHSA trade show from October 22nd to 24th (Booth 5637), has been helping organizations in the health and long term care industry increase profit margins, decrease labor costs, and improve operational efficiency -- without sacrificing patient care for the bottom line. "It's a matter of aligning the initiatives of both purchasing and operations to reach organizational goals," said Jon Featherstone, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing Solutions.