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LiveActive To Help Americans Keep Digestive Health On Track

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For the 60 to 70 million Americans suffering from digestive health problems, there is an exciting new approach to feeling good inside and out. The LiveActive Movement is a lifestyle-based approach to help people achieve digestive wellness to keep up with their busy lifestyles. By joining The LiveActive Movement, Americans can maintain their digestive and overall health with a tailored eating plan, as well as fitness and lifestyle tips.

Part of The LiveActive Movement is choosing foods that promote gut health. And to help, Kraft is introducing LiveActive, a new line of products specifically designed to help address this digestive health need. The line includes LiveActive Cottage Cheese from Breakstone's/Knudsen and LiveActive Natural Cheese Snacks from Kraft.

Getting started is easy, and the commitment to keeping digestive health on track begins by visiting LiveActiveFoods.com, a new interactive Web site with a digestive health assessment quiz, a customized LiveActive Everyday Plan to help maintain digestive health and details about the new LiveActive products.

The LiveActive Gut Check - Taking the First Step

The first step of The LiveActive Movement is to take The LiveActive Gut Check -- a simple, Web-based tool designed to assess habits promoting digestive health through a simple series of questions. Anyone can log on to LiveActiveFoods.com to take The LiveActive Gut Check and find out how foods, exercising and sleeping can impact digestive health. The LiveActive Gut Check provides a topline view of how a person is doing.

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The LiveActive Everyday Plan - Learning About Healthy Habits

After taking The LiveActive Gut Check, the next step toward maintaining digestive health is receiving The LiveActive Everyday Plan. The plan includes tips on how people can do good things for their gut daily by incorporating regular exercise into their routine, choosing foods that help promote gut health and making sure they get enough fluids each day.

"It's really a comprehensive program that looks at key aspects of digestive health -- from food choices and hydration to exercise and relaxation. Many people may not realize it, but being good to the gut isn't just important for digestive health, it's also important for overall health and wellness," said Leslie Bonci, MS, RD of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Kraft partnered with Bonci to develop The LiveActive Everyday Plan.

LiveActive Products - A New Solution to Be Good to Your Gut

The LiveActive Everyday Plan incorporates a new line of great-tasting LiveActive products to help keep digestive health on track. Designed to help on-the-go consumers stay active and feel their best, LiveActive Cottage Cheese from Breakstone's/Knudsen and LiveActive Natural Cheese Snacks from Kraft naturally regulate the digestive system. The cottage cheese products provide prebiotic fiber and are available in three varieties. The natural cheese snacks come in a variety of delicious Kraft cheese flavors and contain a live, natural probiotic culture that helps promote regularity in two weeks.

Probiotics are live cultures that provide health benefits, such as maintaining good digestion, when consumed in adequate amounts. The term "live culture" refers to living microorganisms -- like the kind found in the billions in the digestive system -- where they exist naturally and are a vital part of the system's function. Prebiotics are usually non-digestible natural food ingredients that promote the growth of probiotics in the gut. The new LiveActive product line is part of the solution to help people maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in the digestive system.

"At Kraft, we're committed to finding innovative ways to helping people feel their best every day," said Kirsten Lynch, vice president of marketing for Kraft Foods. "The LiveActive Movement does just that by bringing digestive health benefits through our great-tasting LiveActive products, as well as simple tips for maintaining digestive health."