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International Public Health Is A Joint Responsibility

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Scientist and health professionals are being warned of the growing threats to global public health. At the annual Health Protection Agency (HPA) conference in Warwick today, delegates will be told that global cooperation and investment are necessary. Health experts are calling for immediate action if they are to ensure a safer, healthier future for the world's population.

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There is an increasing awareness that global health and health protection is everyone's responsibility and countries will need to work together to identify risks and act quickly to contain and control them.

In an increasingly connected world, new diseases are emerging and spreading as never seen before. In recent responses to UK outbreaks such as the avian influenza outbreaks in Suffolk and Wales , international cooperation was critical to investigative work which ensured outbreaks were contained. However, also in the last fifty years approximately forty new serious germs including HIV and SARS have been identified, whilst familiar threats, such as malaria and TB, are becoming increasingly resistance to many treatments.

Professor Pete Borriello, Director of the Centre for Infections, Health Protection Agency, said