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RADinfo Systems Launches DICOMmail Product

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RIS/PACS solutions provider, RADinfo SYSTEMS, has developed a new software program that allows physicians who are seeking consultative opinions regarding medical images to access and share critical and protected images through common e-mail systems.

DICOMmail comes with a FREE Basic RSVS Viewer and presents the ideal solution for people seeking outside consulting. It allows a user to send DICOM images through email by simply dragging-and-dropping files; converting JPEG, GIF and/or BMP images into DICOM format, if needed, and then clicking send. The consulting user can view the images in the Basic RSVS Viewer after a quick and easy Internet download of the DICOMmail application.

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DICOMmail contains two parts. The first part is the free DICOMmail Viewer, which is based on RADinfo SYSTEMS FDA-approved RSVS visualization technology. The second part is the DICOMmail Send, which allows the user to drag and drop an image into the software for delivery to any email address. DICOMmail supports DICOM, jpeg, gif, and bitmap images.

RADinfo SYSTEMS is offering a 60 day Free Demo of the DICOMmail Send portion of the software until 31 December 2007. This will allow the end-user to experience how DICOMmail can help improve access, as well as share critical and protected images through email by simply dragging-and-dropping files.

"DICOMmail is RADinfo SYSTEMS' DICOM-thru-email solution based on our patent pending technology to either a consultant or doctor. This is the type of product that our clients have come to expect from us. We are pleased to deliver a new and innovative solution to meet our clients' needs," says Dr. Chen-Tai Ma, CEO & President of RADinfo SYSTEMS.