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Revolutionary Changes In Hematology Therapies

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Hematology Therapies

MedPredict Market Research has published a new report providing critical strategic insight for pharma and biotech companies with a stake in the market for hematology therapies.

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In this report, entitled MedPredict Thought Leader Insight & Analysis: Hematology, seven thought leaders discuss pipelines for a number of hematologic malignancies, with a focus on chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) and multiple myeloma (MM). CML represents one of the real cancer success stories. Because of Gleevec, CML has been transformed from an acute life-threatening disease into a chronic serious disease; where patients will likely die from causes unrelated to their cancer.

"Headlines go to more and more efficacious drugs, but the next winning CML strategy will not be 'better than Gleevec,'" says Dr. Jeffrey D. Berk, the report's lead author. "We expect that 'as good as Gleevec, with long-term tolerability' will be the differentiating claim. Safety's more important than T315I."

Tolerability is also driving MM therapeutic decisions. "When life expectancy was only 23 months we didn't worry about osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ)," says Berk. "Look at management strategies in populations with different genetic signatures. It's clear that many patients have lifespans greater than 8-10 years."