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Implementation Of Obama's Health Care Proposal Will Be Transparent

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Universal Health Care

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Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on Wednesday at a campaign event in Sac City, Iowa, said thathe will use an "open process" to enact universal health care, the Washington Post reports.

In response to a question about rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's(D-N.Y.) attempt at reforming health care in 1993, Obama said, "It wasa closed process and not everybody understood what was taking place, sowhen the insurance companies and the drug companies started runningthose 'Harry and Louise' ads, nobody really knew what was what. That'swhy the American people have to be involved" (MacGillis, Washington Post,9/5). He added, "What the president can do is shine a spotlight on theprocess and (involve) the American people and keep the pressure on, andthat is something that didn't happen. In many ways it didn't happen in'93."

Clinton campaign spokesperson Blake Zeff, said, "It'sunfortunate that Sen. Obama is abandoning the politics of hope for thepolitics of attack" (Haberman, New York Post, 9/6).

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