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Dallas Physician Utilizes Zone Sonography Technology From ZONARE

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FC Dallas, a charter member club of Major League Soccer (MLS), is home to world class soccer professionals playing in a quick paced and strenuous sport. Unfortunately, whether celebrating victories or dealing with defeat, injuries are a common part of the game. With its twelfth season now underway, FC Dallas team physician Christopher Siodlarz, D.O., employs state-of-the-art medical technology to help diagnose everything from muscle strains in lower extremities to tears in hamstrings. He especially finds the z.one ultrasound system, a unique premium Convertible Ultrasound platform from ZONARE Medical Systems, valuable in quickly assessing potential muscle and tendon injuries.

"When I was working in physical medicine and rehabilitation in Chicago, I often employed ultrasound imaging versus more expensive and time-consuming imaging modalities such as MRI," said Siodlarz. "When I came to Dallas to become medical director for FC, I knew ultrasound would be extremely important in this environment. What I needed, however, was a compact system with premium image quality and configuration flexibility."

Siodlarz, who is also a spine interventional specialist at Baylor Health Center, selected the z.one ultrasound system, which is based on proprietary Zone Sonography technology, to fulfill these needs. Zone Sonography technology has enabled ZONARE Medical Systems to bring its unique, patented premium Convertible Ultrasound platform to the industry providing premium image quality, performance and features together with portability and ease-of- use at an attractive price to value ratio compared to conventional ultrasound systems. Clinicians are able to convert the z.one ultrasound system, at the touch of a button, from a full-featured, cart-based system into a premium compact ultrasound system, optimizing its versatility in a variety of clinical settings, without sacrificing image quality or performance.

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"During home games, I use the z.one ultrasound system in its cart-based configuration since the clinic is next to the field," said Siodlarz. "However, I often go to different clinic locations and multiple training venues which allows me to optimize the portable scan engine. The z.one ultrasound system is easy to use, provides premium image quality and its optimization features are very helpful. I also find its upgradeability for new applications extremely important as the technology advances."

The z.one ultrasound system's Zone Sonography software-based architecture allows its performance to continue to improve as greater processing power becomes available. System upgrades can be downloaded via the internet, allowing for fast, convenient advances in clinical capabilities, enabling clinicians to cost-effectively maintain a state of the art ultrasound system.

With a busy schedule ahead, Soidlarz will use the z.one ultrasound system to assess lower extremity and other muscle or tendon sprains, hamstring hematomas, as well as grading tears in the musculature structure. At Baylor, in addition to similar uses at FC Dallas, Soidlarz also uses the z.one ultrasound system to visualize needle guidance for carefully targeted injections.

"The z.one ultrasound system provides great clinical utility and economic value," said Siolarz. "In fact, I encourage other MLS team doctors to consider it as a standard for the league. It is imperative that we keep our players healthy which translates to acting quickly in confidently diagnosing and treating an injury. The z.one fits especially well into this scenario."

Siodlarz is entering his second full season as team physician after joining the team in October, 2005. He is also a partner with Physiatric Medicine Associates (PMA) of the Baylor Health Center Texas. Previously, Siodlarz was a clinical instructor at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Spine and Sports Center. He received his medical degree from the University of North Texas Health and Science Center at Fort Worth and completed a residency at the University of Kentucky. In addition, Siodlarz also completed a spine and sports fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.