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Rudy Giuliani Recommends 'Free-Market' Solutions To Improve US Health Care

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The U.S. "can reduce costs and improve the quality of care byincreasing competition" and by "empowering patients and their doctors,"presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) writes in a Boston Globeopinion piece. He adds, "We can do it through tax cuts, not tax hikes."According to Giuliani, the Democratic presidential candidates support a"government-mandated model that looks for inspiration to the socializedmedical systems," but "[i]nstead of being more like Europe, we need tobe more like America."

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The U.S. "has the best medical care inthe world," but the health care system "is being dragged down bydecades of government-imposed mandates, wasteful bureaucracy andmassive distortions in the U.S. tax code," Giuliani writes. "We need tobegin by bringing fairness to the tax treatment of health care,"Giuliani writes, adding that the current tax code system "penalizesmillions ... who pay for insurance on their own and receive no taxbenefit." He recommends implementation of his proposal to provide U.S. residents with tax deductions to purchase individual health insurance.

Inaddition, Giuliani recommends caps on noneconomic damages in medicalmalpractice lawsuits, adding, "Doctors and nurses who have devotedtheir lives to helping others are relocating or leaving the practice ofmedicine altogether because they literally can't afford the insuranceagainst frivolous lawsuits."

He concludes, "The future ofAmerica's health care system lies in free-market solutions, notsocialist models. ... That's the American way to reform health care"(Giuliani, Boston Globe, 8/3).

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