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Groups Address Diet, Substance Use, ADHD Among Hispanics, Biomedical Careers For Minority Students

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Groups address diet, substance use, ADHD among Hispanics, biomedical careers for minority students.

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  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico: In conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico is launching a one-year studythat will examine the effectiveness of an online diet and weight-lossprogram for Hispanics, New Mexico Business Weekly reports. The insurer is seeking overweight adult Hispanics who are Internet users for the "Mi Dieta" program (New Mexico Business Weekly, 7/16).
  • HHS: HHS has released a booklet that provides information and statistics on Hispanics and substance use, the San Antonio Express-Newsreports. The guide, titled "Drug Abuse Among Hispanics: A BriefEvidence-based Guide for Providers," details the prevalence ofsubstance use among Hispanics and the neuralgic effects andintervention measures. It also provides resources for providers whotreat Hispanic patients (Felix-Ortiz, San Antonio Express-News, 7/18).
  • Minority Access to Research Careers Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research: The program, funded by NIH, prepares minorities to pursue careers in biomedical research, the Bakersfield Californian reports. Through the program, in its third year at California State University-Bakersfield,participants perform research, give presentations at conferences andreceive training on ethics. The university offers a companion programdesigned to give first- and second-year students the basics they willneed to apply for the research program (Shearer, Bakersfield Californian, 7/13).
  • National Alliance for Hispanic Health:NAHH officials on Monday released an educational booklet in English andSpanish with information on attention deficit-hyperactivity disorderand other disabilities, the Chicago Tribunereports. The booklet, titled "Educational Rights for Children withAttention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Primer for Parents," wasdeveloped by the alliance and the National Resource Center on AD/HD. It offers information to help parents recognize ADHD and about the rights of children with the condition (Chicago Tribune, 7/17).


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