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Patient Safety Forum: Saving Lives, Reducing Harm

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Patient Safety Forum

A new Safety Forum has been set up to support health and social care organisations in implementing internationally recognised measures that save lives and reduce harm to patients.

The Forum is made up of health and social care staff. They will promote a safety culture within their organisations and share best practice from around the world.

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Following its inaugural meeting, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Michael McBride, said: "The Forum has been established in recognition of ongoing work on the national and international stage and will help us keep pace with developments in patient safety. It will enhance the delivery of health and social care services.

"It is always important to learn from our own experiences. But we must also be proactive and seek out best practice in other places in the world."

There is already evidence that measures taken by medical staff which include, reducing harm from medication reactions, preventing infections acquired during surgery, and preventing ventilator acquired pneumonia, save lives and reduce the risk of harm to patients and clients.

Each Trust and Board will select three patient safety actions for specific attention over the next year and measure the impact that implementation has on the quality and safety of patient treatment.

Dr McBride added: "I am encouraged to see the commitment being given to this important initiative. It places our health and social care services right at the forefront of the wider patient safety agenda."