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DHSS Creates Health Command Center To Respond To Public Health Emergencies

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Public Health Emergencies

New Jersey Department of Health announced opening of the Health Command Center.

It is a $1.8 million facility from which the Department can respond in real time to a full spectrum of health emergencies, including infectious diseases, natural and manmade disasters.

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"The Health Command Center is among the first of its kind in the nation for a public health agency, a facility equipped to be the focal point of communications and operations for the entire network of public health response partners in New Jersey," said Commissioner Jacobs.

From the HCC, located in the Health and Agriculture building in Trenton, the Department can gather information about incidents and events in real time and use the information to implement an appropriate response to a wide range of public health emergencies.

"In a matter of minutes, the HCC can produce a complete picture of the New Jersey health system, including hospital divert status, the availability of medical equipment and needed medications, allowing staff to effectively manage our resources when time is of the essence," Dr. Jacobs said.

The HCC is integral to the activities of the New Jersey State Emergency Management System linked directly to the New Jersey State Police Regional Operations and Information Center (ROIC) and works directly with the New Jersey State Police Office of Emergency Management.

"The Health Command Center enhances New Jersey's ability to coordinate its response to significant emergencies," said Richard L. Ca