Revolutionary Vien-Viewing Technology For Patient Comfort And Care

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Revolutionary Vien-Viewing Technology

Patient care benefits offered through new vein-viewing technology reduce the need for multiple needle punctures, along with the stress and discomfort of youngsters who face 'vein-stick' procedures.

It is estimated that more than 1 billion venipunctures are performed annually. The VeinViewer, by Luminetx, uses a combination of near-infrared light and patented technologies to map a patient's vein structure directly on the surface of the skin. By allowing clinicians to visualize a target area regardless of a patient's age, body type or skin tone, the VeinViewer makes IV insertion, blood sampling and peripherally inserted central catheter lines less painful and anxiety-provoking.


"With the assistance of this equipment, we have significantly improved our success rate for initial IV/blood draw attempts, saving a lot of tears," said Michele Habich, MSN, APN/CNS, CPN, pediatric clinical nurse specialist at Lutheran General Children's Hospital. "This leads to decreased patient pain, improved timeliness of medication delivery and improved patient/family satisfaction. It also helps us care for individuals with small or hard-to-find veins, such as babies, children and those with darker skin tone."

For parents like Dorie Finnegan, mother of one-year-old Jeanie who was born with a hole in her heart and has been in and out of the hospital numerous times, the VeinViewer is amazing technology.

"A fragile vascular system and smaller veins make it difficult for nurses to find Jeanie's veins," Dorie said. "This is terrific! It means less tears all around because after so many sticks and poking around trying to find a good vein, the baby is not the only one who is crying."

Advocate Hope Children's Hospital, located on the campus of Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, also offers this technology to their patients.