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SO+ Universal - Perfect Fit With Orthopedic Surgeon's Needs

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SO+ Universal

Soplus announced at the 2007 AAOS and EFORT the launch of its innovative power tool system, the SO+ Universal.

The system consists of a single, ergonomically-designed handpiece (available in battery, AC adapter and pneumatic) and an extensive range of interchangeable attachments for drilling, sawing, reaming, etc. The surgeon simply fits on to the handpiece the required attachment for the procedure to be performed. The result is an easy-to-use, compact, lightweight precision tool which delivers an unprecedented degree of flexibility and power (250-watt), enabling the surgeon to operate with greater accuracy. This is advantageous for all types of procedure, and especially minimally invasive surgery, hip resurfacing, etc.

SO+ offers a perfect fit with the surgeon's needs. Working with a single handset, and simply changing attachments as required, reduces the amount of equipment needed in the surgical environment. Alternatively, the surgeon can work with a small set of dedicated handpieces ready-equipped with the attachments that will be needed for the procedure.

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Interchangeability brings benefits to administrative and nursing staffs, too. Fewer items need to be purchased and managed, thus reducing costs, maintenance requirements and the frequency of battery charging routines.

SO+ designed the state-of-the-art "Universal" line around a number of innovative technologies. These include brushless, sensorless, electronically-controlled motors which provide up to one-third more power than competitive appliances, as well as being more reliable, and easier to maintain and repair. Also, SO+ is the only manufacturer in this field to use lithium-ion battery technology. This eliminates the annoying "memory effect" which shortens the useful life of other types of battery: SO+ Universal batteries stay charged for twice as long as old-style batteries, and last up to four times as long.

For those who prefer pneumatically-powered tools, this version of the SO+ Universal features a powerful, silent, low-maintenance, ceramic motor mounted immediately behind the chuck, in the upper part of the handpiece. This obviates the need for gearing, and reduces wear and noise.

All SO+ instruments are maintenance-free and designed around sub-modules that can easily be changed.

SO+ is the new brand of Sodem Systems, a leader in orthopedic power instruments for 25 years.