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Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities Provide Programs To Fit Clients

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The vast majority of substance abuse treatment facilities are providing special programs tailored to such clients as adolescents, seniors, post-partum mothers and people with HIV/AIDS.

Nearly three-quarters of even the smallest facilities offered at least one special program or group.

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The most commonly reported special program in the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services in 2005 was for clients with co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders (38 percent). About one-third of the 13,371 facilities that responded to the annual survey of public and private facilities in the United States offered special programs for adult women (33 percent) or adolescents (32 percent).

"Treatment programs designed around the specific needs and concerns of women, teens, people with co-occurring disorders and others can help improve the outcome," said Terry Cline, Ph.D., SAMHSA Administrator. "To help individuals seeking treatment, SAMHSA offers an online Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator that allows users to search for facilities that are close to home, or individuals can call 1-800-662-HELP for telephone assistance."

About 83 percent of all responding facilities reported offering at least one special treatment program. The percentage was slightly higher (88 percent) for large facilities, which treat 120 or more clients, although 72 percent of facilities that treated fewer than 15 clients also offered a special program.

The special programs or groups reported in the survey varied by the type of care