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Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy To Develop an Innovative Oral Oncology Medication Management Program

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Oral Oncology Medication Management Program

Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy have entered into a joint agreement with Oncology Physicians Resources to create a program for managing oncology medications, called OPRx.

The launch of OPRx will result in opportunities to manage patient care, track and capture data critical to the continued improvement of cancer treatment in the United States.

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OPR is a professional limited liability company owned by physician members dedicated to strengthening oncology practices through optimizing operational efficiencies and maximizing purchasing power. OPR currently consists of 42 practices at 77 sites, primarily in Michigan, representing approximately 100 oncologists.

The alliance between OPR and DSP will provide OPR's members access to DSP's Oncology Navigator(TM) program. The Oncology Navigator(TM) program incorporates 30 years of experience in providing clinical and reimbursement solutions to patients with oncologic and hematologic disorders.

"OPR selected Diplomat because of its high level of customer service and its commitment to helping our patients get the medications they need to obtain optimal clinical outcomes," stated Dr. Phil Stella, President & CEO of OPR. "Diplomat will assist us in reducing the financial burdens associated with these life-sustaining medications."

"Diplomat will be OPR's oral oncology Rx solution," stated Mark Neville, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "With the high number of new oral therapeutic options that have been FDA approved over the past few years, Diplomat's Oncology Navigator(TM) has the dedicated resources to help OPR patients and physicians gain access to these needed medications regardless of the changing reimbursement landscape."

"The partnership between OPR and Diplomat will give us the opportunity to take the patient support services of our Oncology Navigator(TM) program to a new level," stated Phil Hagerman, President & CEO of Diplomat Specialty. "OPRx was developed to create an improved system of patient care that encompasses all stakeholders in the fight against cancer."