BioSource Solutions Developing Process To Implement Nanotechnology Into Existing Product Line

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BioSource Solutions is in the process of testing several formulations in their existing product line to implement the revolutionary nanotechnology.

This incredibly advanced technology uses the creation and utilization of materials, devices and systems through the manipulation of matter at scales less than 100 nanometers, where 1 nanometer (nm) is one billionth of a meter in size. Nanotechnology creates less waste by building materials from a very small starting point. Sectors producing the greatest revenues using nanotechnology include chemical, mechanical, polishing, magnetic recording tapes, sunscreens and automotive catalyst supports. Since BioSource Solutions product line falls into these categories the Company is diligently pursuing this innovative application. Initially, the Company looks to bring this technology to their recently introduced new line of biodegradable, botanical and biological based products.


"Ideally, we would like to see nanotechnology implemented in our consumer household specialty items, as well as our automotive and marine product formulations. It is crucial that while implementing the nanotechnology to these products we maintain their structural and environmental integrity", stated Company Vice-President, Bob Pieroway, Jr. BioSource Solutions receive several inquiries regarding the availability of products that utilize nanotechnology. As the demand for products that use nanotechnology continues to escalate, BioSource Solutions intends to be at the forefront, benefiting economically from this rapidly developing new market.

BioSource Solutions Inc. is a North American manufacturer of biodegradable, biological and consumer cleaning products. Formed in 2005, our companies primary focus is on the "niche" market of biological and botanical products that keep in pace with strong consumer and environmental demands to provide safe alternatives. BioSource Solutions extensive product line consists from 75 products of which 22 are bacteriological and or botanical based formulations. The product line includes odour removal, waste remediation solutions to a complete line of janitorial, automotive, marine and consumer household specialty products.

Most recently the company has introduced 12 new botanically based environmentally responsible products bringing the total line of products to 75 to date. Our company retail products are proudly offered through eight major national retailers through out North America. In addition the Company has product distribution in North America through a leading MLM retailer and product representation with a major distributor in the Ukraine. BioSource Solutions Inc. has quickly established itself as a "Go To" company in offering customized private label, private formulations for both retail and commercial customers.

Many of BioSource Solutions Inc. biological retail products have earned the recognition of being safer effective alternatives for the environment and more importantly, the consumer.

As we aggressively build on the Company's international business awareness, BioSource is actively seeking representation of our environmentally responsible products in Europe.