PreMD Receives Allowance For US Patent On PREVU LT

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United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance for the patent, entitled "Direct Assay of Cholesterol in Skin Samples Removed by Tape Stripping" to PreMD.

PREVU LT is the second product in the PREVU line of skin cholesterol tests. It was created for use in the life insurance industry, and potentially other applications that could take advantage of high through-put environments. This patent is also pending in Canada, Europe, and Asia in an effort to secure global protection.


"The PREVU LT patent is a very important component of our intellectual property," said Brent Norton, President and CEO of PreMD Inc. "The acceptance of this patent is a significant milestone for PreMD because it continues to solidify the positioning of our technologies and products in the most important regions of the world."

PREVU, the Company's lead product line, was designed to address the enormous problem of cholesterol level detection in relation to cardiovascular disease and the limitations of current cholesterol testing options. Through a non-invasive and cost-effective procedure, the PREVU platform provides highly sensitive and reliable skin cholesterol level results by measuring the amount of cholesterol that has accumulated in the skin tissues, as opposed to blood. There is no fasting or other patient preparation required for the test. Clinical studies have shown that as cholesterol accumulates on artery walls it also accumulates in other tissues, including the skin. High levels of skin cholesterol are correlate with higher incidence of coronary artery disease (CAD).

PreMD Inc. is a world leader in predictive medicine, dedicated to developing rapid, non-invasive tests for the early detection of life-threatening diseases. PreMD's cardiovascular products are branded as PREVU Skin Sterol Test. The company's cancer tests include ColorectAlert, LungAlert and a breast cancer test. PreMD's head office is located in Toronto, and its research and product development facility is at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.