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Eco Bags, Junk Gardens And Organic Structures

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University of the West of England Students' work includes a range of Eco bags, a story about junk gardens and structures inspired by organic forms.

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The UWE Foundation Year Show takes place this weekend from Friday 11 May until Tuesday 15 May at the Bower Ashton Campus. Students use the Foundation Year, where they are given the chance to experiment with a range of media, as a stepping stone to working towards a degree at Art College.

Professor Paul Gough, Dean of the Bristol School of Art, Media and Design, explains, "The Foundation Year presents students with a fantastic range of opportunities to experiment and discover the direction they want to specialise in at degree level. This years show promises to be very exciting. Many students continue their studies at UWE and some move on to other Art Schools. We wish all our Foundation students the best of luck with their future choices".