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IntePharm To Launch A Unique And Healthy Bottled Water Product

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Healthy Bottled Water Product

Integrated Pharmaceuticals announced that it is establishing a new water bottling plant to launch a unique bottled water product.

This product, trademarked as HealthyCal+, will deliver several health benefits due to its pure mineral content. HealthyCal+ will include calcium and magnesium (and possibly other mineral nutrients) without impurities and undesirable additives. No calories, just a good taste.

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IntePharm makes all of its extremely pure mineral ingredients with proprietary and patent pending manufacturing technologies within its 38,000 square feet cGMP facility in Fitchburg.

HealthyCal+ is uniquely positioned to serve bottled water demand as well as the market for nutritional beverages. Bottled water demand in the US market is growing at an approximately 10% rate. The size of the US market is more than $10 billion and approximately $50 billion worldwide. HealthyCal+ will serve the healthy beverages and energy drinks segment that grew close to 50% in 2006. With the health benefits added to the bottled water, HealthyCal+ could become a lifestyle beverage for many consumers.

"Using the current built-in infrastructure of the existing facility, IntePharm can leverage its asset and quickly have a bottling plant to launch its innovative product," said Dr. Chinmay Chatterjee, President and CEO of the company. More significant developments to follow.

IntePharm is an emerging producer of specialty compounds for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and functional food industries. In addition to making products, IntePharm discovers and develops more efficient and cost- effective manufacturing processes. These processes are developed using a comprehensive technology platform that combines metabolic engineering, cellular genetics, advanced bioprocess engineering, and computer simulation science. The company owns numerous pending patents for new products and technologies for immediate commercialization in food and nutritional products market.