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Doctors are angry at NHS, but unwilling to act

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Doctors and NHS Dissatisfaction

Despite widespread dissatisfaction at the state of the NHS, a Hospital Doctor/Medix study has shown that most doctors are politically inactive.

Three-quarters (77%) of respondents said they were not politically active in the past year. And the majority (83%) said they had not been to any of the recent demonstrations that include local protests against NHS cuts or the Remedy UK demonstrations against the Medical Training Application Service which garnered around 12,000 supporters in London and Glasgow last month.

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The survey prompted some doctors to say they would support a strike. One said: 'Doctors are being moved to contemplate industrial action and are welcoming the impending meltdown and chaos being created by the pace and extent of changes and meddling from the current government.'

Others were disappointed that their peers took little action. One said: 'Why can't doctors stick together and tell politicians to stop interfering? We have great potential power but don't use it. Too many senior doctors are just "yes men" for the Government and don't have the balls to say no.'

But Dr Jonathan Fielden, BMA consultants' committee chairman, said: 'I'm not sure these findings reflect apathy. I think they reflect the enormous workload and that the vast majority want to concentrate on caring for patients.'