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Best Practices In Sales & Marketing To Optimize Pharmaceutical Brand Performance

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Pharmaceutical Brand Building

For a new drug to successfully penetrate the marketplace, pharmaceutical companies must excel in three brand-building arenas: clinical and scientific excellence, marketing program edge and sales force effectiveness.

According to primary research conducted by Best Practices, LLC's Business Excellence Board (BEB), a compelling value proposition, a competitive share of voice and consistent resource support mainly determine sales and share growth.

"A company must execute integrated sales, marketing and clinical strategies to successfully differentiate its brand," aptly stated a brand executive who contributed to "Enhancing Brand Performance through Sales & Marketing Excellence." This client-driven research study garnered responses and follow-up interviews from 11 other brand executives from leading pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Wyeth and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Download a complimentary white paper of "Enhancing Brand Performance through Sales & Marketing Excellence" at www3.best-in-class.com to view benchmarked companies, five key findings, blinded quotes from pharmaceutical leaders, and proven best practices in sales force effectiveness, marketing promotion and clinical and scientific excellence.

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Other topics addressed in the full study include:

-- Frequency and reach of detailing sales force

-- Balancing targets and frequency

-- Keys to physician access

-- Thought leader management

This client-driven research represents a valuable tool included in a BEB membership. In this research and advisory service, created exclusively for pharmaceutical, biotech and health care executives, members can request benchmarking surveys and best practice research, assessments of current processes, targeted executive interviews, comparison case studies and recommendations for action.