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Global Warming, Climate Change Imminent Danger to Humanity

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Climate Change and Public Health

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its expected report on Global Warming and what climate change could do to the world environment if the governments and societies do not take actions.

The report is bleak and shows that the dangers of climate change are more imminent than thought.

Emisions are already affecting the climate, writes New York Times. "heat-trapping emissions from industry and other activities are already influencing weather patterns and ecology in ways both harmful and beneficial." NY Times, April 6, 2007.

According to the UN report, released from Brussels, global warming is particularly threatening to ecosystems and communities in South Asia and small islands. Millions of people around the world will be affected by drought or flooding, with many forced to leave their homes in search of water, or find safer places to live away from rising sea levels.

The good news is that if the communities, individuals and the governments take efforts to reduce emissions it could reduce or avoid the imminent dangers of the global catastrophe caused by climate change of global warming.

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While African and South-Asian communities will be most impacted by global climate change, Europe is in danger too.

"In Southern Europe, climate change is very likely to have negative impacts by increasing risk to health due to more frequent heat waves, reducing water availability and hydropower, endangering crop production, and increasing the frequency of wildfires," the report said.

"In Northern Europe, climate change is likely to bring benefits in the form of reduced exposure to cold periods, increased crop yields, increased forest and Atlantic waters productivity, and augmented hydropower potential."

Wildlife is Endangered

Report warns that 20-30% of species are likely to be at risk of extinction if the global average temperature rises by 1.5-2.5C.

The threat of the climate change and global warming is already here, it