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New Exam Issued for Registered Sanitarian Candidates

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Test Updated to Reflect Changing Science and Technology: The Kentucky Registered Sanitarians (R.S.) Examining Committee, a part of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), has implemented a new exam for people seeking their R.S. credential.

The examining committee oversees the credentialing, examination and continuing education for all registered sanitarians - also known as environmental health specialists - in Kentucky. Implemented in January, the revised exam includes 300 questions on environmental health.

"I applaud the committee's initiative to review and revise this exam," said William Hacker, M.D., acting undersecretary for health and public health commissioner. "By having an updated exam, prospective applicants will be tested on the most current science and technology."

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The Department for Public Health (DPH) or local health departments employ environmental health specialists to oversee environmental health programs at CHFS.

They are responsible for safety and health inspections of restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, food production facilities, dairy and milk processing facilities, hotels and motels, schools, public swimming pools, boarding homes, tattoo and body piercing studios and onsite sewage septic systems for new homes and businesses. Lead paint abatement, radon gas reduction, and many other environmental health programs also are included in the program.

Environmental health professionals must at a minimum have a degree from a university, with at least 24 semester hours in physical, chemical or biological sciences. These environmental health specialists also must attend yearly trainings to ensure they remain up-to-date on current scientific and educational information.

"To become a Kentucky registered sanitarian, applicants must apply to the committee and provide transcripts to verify their educational background. Then they must successfully complete an exam," said Guy Delius, secretary of the examining committee and deputy director of DPH's division of public health protection and safety. "Because our workforce oversees a large portion of our commonwealth's economy and ensures the safety and health of many business operations, it is certainly prudent that we have well-trained specialists and a well-tested examination curriculum in place."

Currently approximately 1,000 registered sanitarians are credentialed to practice in Kentucky.