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California Releases Medical Marijuana Rules

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California released official medical marijuana guidelines to make it simple identify if marijuana is used legally or not.

In 1996 California passed Proposition 215 bill, which is a law legalizing the use of medical marijuana. The law came very useful for those with various diseased, but at the same time it boosted illegal drug ‘business’. The new 11-paged guidelines are designed to help to differ medical use from illegal use of the drug, when, for example, someone is caught by police and is found to carry marijuana.

The medical marijuana guidelines come from Attorney General Jerry Brown and are supposed to clarify conflicts between the state and federal authorities on identifying marijuana use. Currently law enforcement officials are carefully examining the guidelines to understand what needs to be changed to implement the guidance in practice.

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Medical marijuana key guidelines

Here are some of the key elements of the guidelines. The first and most important thing is that medical marijuana producers should be nonprofit companies and should not expect any earnings. Another not less important thing is that marijuana must be grown by an officially recognized dispensary, caregivers or patients. There should not be any third-party involved in the process of growing and smoking medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana advocate William Paoli applauds the guidelines, saying that it is great to have a law supporting medical marijuana use and making sure that it is legal, because there are people who choose to use alternative medicine, rather than chemical drugs.

The guidelines are made possible thank to help of Americans for Safe Access - national nonprofit medical marijuana support group - and the California Police Chiefs Association. Although there are lots of conflicting opinions on the guideline and it will be unable to entirely cut illegal use of marijuana, but it is a huge step forward for making law more powerful.