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Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center To Build NC Davie Hospital

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Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center continues to move forward in implementing its plan to improve healthcare in Davie County, one of the fastest growing communities in North Carolina.

On July 15, 2008, Davie County Hospital/Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center applied to the State to build a replacement hospital with obstetrical services for Davie County Hospital.

This is the fourth Certificate of Need that Davie County Hospital/Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center has filed within the last year and is similar to the one withdrawn this spring. The hospital would have 46 acute care beds and four obstetrical beds, along with two operating rooms, an endoscopy room, a minor procedure room, physical therapy, radiology, lab and emergency services.

The hospital would cost approximately $104 million and would be located on the same site at I-40 and Route 801 in eastern Davie County as proposed in the other applications.

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"We have submitted this application to make certain we are leaving no stone unturned in our effort to get the State’s permission to replace the existing Davie County Hospital," said Donny Lambeth, Interim President and Chief Operating Officer of Baptist Hospital.

"We believe Davie County residents deserve obstetrical services in their County," said William B. Applegate, M. D., Interim President of Wake Forest University Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine.

"In Davie County, we can’t understand why Forsyth County can have four hospitals and a fifth on appeal, and Davie County cannot have one modern hospital," said Terry Bralley, Davie County Manager. The site of the proposed hospital is accessible to nearly all residents of the County and is in an area designated for commercial development where highways are already being improved, Bralley added.

The State will hold a public hearing on the application on Thursday, September 18th at 1p.m., at River Oaks Community Church Lewisville-Clemmons Road.

The State is considering the appeal of Davie County Hospital/Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center of the rejection to build an 81-bed hospital. In addition, the State is considering a second application that would have 50 acute care beds but no obstetrical services. A decision on that application is expected in August.



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