Diabetics Must Lose Weight ASAP To Control Diabetes Symptoms

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Diabetes Weight Loss

Researchers have found that newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients can significantly improve disease symptoms if they lose weight.

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland analysed electronic medical records of 2574 patients aged from 21 to 75 during the period between 1997 and 2002. All participants were type 2 diabetes diagnosed recently.


Study participants, who were diabetes patients, were divided into 3 groups according to body weight. The first group was named 'weight loss' group and involved 12% of study participants who lost about 25 pounds, but almost all of them regained the lost pounds in a 36 month period. The other two groups were named 'higher stable weight' and 'lower stable weight'.

Researchers found that those who managed to significantly lose weight within the first 18 months after being diagnosed with diabetes were twice as likely to control blood cholesterol and sugar levels and blood pressure, than those who maintained stable weight. The surprise in the study was that these people managed to be healthier even when they gained weight four years later.

When patients manage early metabolic control, the effect can last long enough to keep the patients healthier even after gaining the lost weight back, suggests the research. Probably, if scientists looked at weight gainers 15 years after the study, they would find that early weight losers do not benefit anymore.

There are about 20 million Americans suffering from type 2 diabetes. Most of them are overweight and obese. Diabetes is a very complicated disease leading to numerous health conditions especially in elderly, such as heart disease, blindness, kidney damage. There have been lots of studies educating about weight loss importance for diabetes patients. This is just one more study saying, that it is never late to lose weight to improve quality of life.



I think the best way to naturally lose weight is to eat lots of organic and healthy foods, try to avoid preservatives and things with lots of sugars in them they make your body hold toxins which are really bad for you.. Start drinking lots of water, and if you don't mind the taste, boiled water with parsley in it can really help you out.. As for the exercise even just going for a walk everyday can really help your body.