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Staying Healthy With Diabetes

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Joslin Diabetes Center today announced the release of Staying Healthy with Diabetes: Weight & Wellness, the latest book in its popular "Staying Healthy with Diabetes" series. Written for consumers, Weight & Wellness provides information and strategies to help individuals with type 2 diabetes achieve a healthy weight and maintain it over time.

“Being overweight affects every system in the body – and not for the better. For people who are at risk for, or who already have type 2 diabetes, being overweight affects the body’s ability to use insulin,” said Amy Campbell, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., author of the book. “The good news is that research has shown that losing even a small amount of weight can help insulin be more effective. And, for individuals at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, reducing weight can delay or even prevent the onset of the disease.”

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Weight management goals are different for everyone and weight loss presents a special challenge for people with type 2 diabetes. Based on the nutrition guidelines developed by Joslin Diabetes Center and the lessons learned from Joslin’s Weight Achievement and Intensive Treatment Program (Why WAIT?), Staying Healthy with Diabetes: Weight & Wellness offers tools and support strategies for individualized weight management programs.

Weight & Wellness explains how to determine a healthy weight, meal planning and how to overcome barriers to beginning a weight management program. In addition, special issues such as meal replacements, popular diets, weight loss medications and surgery are covered. Weight loss for children and adolescents is also included.

Through clear, concise discussions of the importance of issues such as metabolism, glycemic index, glycemic load, reading nutrition labels and BMI/waist circumference, Weight & Wellness offers readers the knowledge they need to help make individually appropriate lifestyle choices.



It's good that Joslin Diabetes made it known that they have a new book on Staying Healthy with Diabetes: Weight and Wellness. This will be so good for the type 2 diabetics who come to my website at free-symptoms-of-diabetes-alert.com (If you want to visit, just click but if it doesn’t work, copy and paste it onto your browser.) The author of this book is Amy Campbell, M.S., R.D., C.D.E. They said it again and it is true what I said in my article at Ezines.com that even a little bit of weight loss will help a lot. Thank you for this article. Evelyn Guzman